A Truly Healing, Sacred Sanctuary…


patient testimonials westwood family  chiropracticWhat first brought me to chiropractic was…

“A deep sharp pain behind my right scapula that appeared out of nowhere and plagued me for months. Every time I tried to breathe deeply I was in agony. Months of shallow breathing and unexplainable pain left me feeling hopeless, depressed and out of touch with my body.”

I have noticed the following changes since getting adjusted…

“It took close to three months, but that pain eventually was gone. It freed my “blockage” and I was better in tune with my body, feeling new areas of pain and discomfort, but also hopeful that as I continue chiropractic, these “layers” of stress and maladjustment will also find relief under the healing touches of Dr. Peter and Dr. Patti.”

Here is what I think others should know about Westwood Family Chiropractic:

“It is a piece of heaven on earth; a truly healing, sacred sanctuary. I felt safe comforting energy the moment I entered the office for the first time. Dr. Peter and Dr. Patti are focused and dedicated to their craft and take their mission to heal more seriously than any other health or wellness practitioner I have ever known.”

Jen Cullen