3 Myths about Chiropractic We’re Going to Debunk

Everyone has that family member or friend who isn’t quite sold on chiropractic care. Feel free to share this!

1) “Chiropractors aren’t REAL doctors.”
D.C.’s, or Doctors of Chiropractic, are indeed real, licensed doctors. They have four years of education, more classroom hours than medical doctors, and are licensed in their state of practice.

2) “Chiropractors only treat back pain.”
Some doctors do, but that is like only changing your motor oil when your engine is smoking. The best Doctor of
Chiropractic addresses the misaligned vertebrae to improve the function of the nervous system and
works with the spine to address and correct the underlying imbalances.

3) “Chiropractic is too expensive.”
Medical treatment is usually 50-70x more expensive than chiropractic treatment and over 80% of the cost is for diagnosis. Chiropractic has been proven through research to be 3 times more cost effective. Preventive care actually pays in the long run, as acute care is much more costly than regular preventive care.


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