Kick Allergy Butt with Chiropractic


Have you been hearing everyone go on & on about their joy that spring is finally here?

Are you the person inwardly groaning because spring means you have to carry around tissues to tame your itchy, runny nose?

Well it may surprise you that visiting the chiropractor can help!

The strength of your immune & respiratory systems rely on your brain being able send messages to the them through your spinal cord &
nerves. If there are mis-alignments, or subluxations, in the upper neck region they can magnify or create allergic responses.

Adjustments can help control the release of histamines, which are the chemicals your body naturally produces to create the inflammatory response that causes your sniffles. Your body isn’t doing this to spite you, it’s trying to help protect you from what it has identified as an invader. Chiropractic adjustments can help decrease the release of these histamines without the use of pharmaceutical anti-histamines!

Runny nose? Let us catch it!


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