Pediatric Ear Infections


Five out of every 6 children have had at least one ear infection by their 3rd birthday. There are 23.5 million children under the age of 5 in the United States, 19.5 million of which will experience at least one ear
infection. How can chiropractic care help prevent and help the body heal through these infections?

What is an ear infection? An ear infection occurs when the Eustachian tube, a small tube that runs from the ear to the back of the throat, becomes swollen, blocked and fills with fluid.

What can chiropractic do to help ear
infections? While chiropractic care does not directly “treat” ear infections, many children have experienced a significant reduction in ear infections after beginning chiropractic care. One theory regarding how ear infections are reduced under chiropractic care involves the muscles surrounding the Eustachian tubes. These muscles are influenced by the nerves that stem from the vertebrae in the neck. When the vertebrae of the neck are out of alignment, there is pressure on the nerves that control those muscles which can cause the muscles around the Eustachian tubes to contract and shrink causing blockages that can prevent healthy drainage. Studies show that regular chiropractic adjustments can help prevent ear infections by maintaining healthy nerve energy to the muscles around the Eustachian tubes. In children with active ear infections, chiropractic adjustments may cause the musculature around the tubes to relax and allow natural drainage of fluid in the ear relieving the fluid blockage that is the cause of most ear infections.

Ear infections or not, it is always better to have good nerve energy than blocked nerve energy for all of the parts of the body to heal. It is one of the best forms of heath assurance one can have!


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