Finding the Real You in the New Year


As the new year begins there is so much pressure to formulate resolutions and work on the ‘new you’. There is nothing wrong with deciding that this is your year to get fit and join the gym or your year to cook more and buy healthier foods, those are wonderful goals. These are external, or material, changes we choose to incorporate into our lives to live a happier, healthier life. This year, what about considering setting positive internal goals? Such as…

  • I will take a moment before each new task to take a breath and center myself.
  • I will focus less on fear-based thoughts and more on love-based thoughts.
  • I will stop every few minutes and assess my body for stress. Are my toes curled, my jaw clenched, shoulders scrunched up to my ears? Then slowly unravel it.

Peace, positivity, and the ‘new you’ are created from the inside out.

Write down the small, internal changes you wish to make in 2017 and what you hope to find: peace, contentedness, joy. At the end of the year, flip back to this document and review how the internal changes you chose to implement have fostered, not the ‘new you’, but the real you.


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