How to Really Enjoy the Holidays

Yes, the holidays can be many things: loud, busy and stressful. They can also be an amazing time of reflection, gratitude, and help us feel rooted in our community. Take advantage of this powerful time of year by taking a moment to take care of YOU!


Take a deep breath in and out and use all 5 senses:

1) Sight: Watch the candles flicker on the dining table or the fire breathe in the fireplace. Witness your loved one’s smile and really appreciate it.
2) Sound: Truly hear every instrument and note in your favorite song. Listen to the wind whistle outside your warm home.
3) Smell: Breathe in the aroma of warm pies and a delicious meal. Light your favorite candle and let the scent envelop you.
4) Taste: Savor the flavor of your favorite holiday treats. Feel the texture of the food, taste every spice, let it melt in your mouth.
5) Touch: Snuggle up in your softest blanket, lather your skin in your favorite lotion, hold a loved one’s hand, and give big, meaningful hugs.


Use your 5 senses to really be present in the most meaningful aspects of the holiday season; and see how deeply you enjoy them this year.


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