BBQ Season Followed by Indigestion Season

Summer is officially here with its sunny days, blue skies, and sizzling barbecues, what could be better? Let’s be honest, we’re all treating ourselves to those burgers, hot dogs, and potato salad, quickly followed by the onset of indigestion. Achy stomach, gas, bloating, sound familiar?

Did you know that a visit to your chiropractor may help alleviate those symptoms? The digestive system, like every other system in your body, is controlled by messages sent through your nerves. Subluxations in the thoracic, or middle, of your back can put pressure on the nerves innervating your digestive system which may be related to a wide range of digestive issues: bloating, gas, IBS, acid reflex, etc.

Americans spend nearly $80 billion dollars a year on drugs to relieve such symptoms, we wish they would come in for an adjustment!


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