Don’t Say the ‘S’-Word!

While some of us may be dreaming of a white Christmas, most of us are dreading that first heavy, wet snow. I can almost hear the grumbling as everyone loads up on layers and stuff their feet into big winter boots as they break the shovels out of their corner of the garage. Wait! Stop a moment and breathe.
Most of the injuries experienced during snow shoveling is due to a lack of being present in the moment. When shoveling, you are using your muscles in a way that is awkward and unlike your average daily movements. Being frazzled, angry or rushing exponentially increases your chances of injuring yourself. If you are present in the moment, take your time, and stay mindful to the experience, you will be able to hear your body’s subtle cues of what does and doesn’t work. This will minimize, if not eliminate, your chances of injury.
Injured or injury-free, it is always a good idea to get your spine checked to remove nerve interference and give yourself the power to get through the snowy, winter months happy and healthy!

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