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Success Stories

“The whole team is so kind, caring, compassionate, and committed.  Dr. Peter, Dr. Patti and Dr. Cherie are much more than chiropractors, they are true caregivers and at times even advisors.”

Liz F.

“It is a piece of heaven on earth; a truly healing, sacred sanctuary.  I felt safe comforting energy the moment I entered the office for the first time.”

Jennifer C.

“No more ear infections! Ever!! And my kids are rarely sick. When they are ill, they heal quickly.”

Andrea F., Andrea F.

“I feel great and am able to do things that men 10 years younger cannot do.”

Bob M.

“Our dog can get up much easier.  She is more playful, and she is back to chasing squirrels again!”

Jesse C.

“I’m a nurse and would definitely support and encourage my patients to seek chiropractic care.”

Mary L.

“Finding a practice that takes an active role in one’s health is a rare and extremely valuable thing.”

David A.

“I am standing straighter, feel healthier, sleep better and have less allergic episodes.  I feel physically and emotionally stronger.”

Dawn C.

“Getting adjusted relieves my pain, puts a smile on my face, makes my day more enjoyable and with Dr. Peter and Dr. Patti’s sage advice I am forever learning about my body.”

Debbie C.

“When I did get pregnant, one month after starting with WFC, I continued going on a regular basis and credit them for a great pregnancy and easy delivery.”

Abby S.