Did you know that 1 in every 6 adults in the United States suffers from headaches or migraines? That’s nearly 45 million people! A shocking number! So what can we do to help those headache sufferers in our lives?

The first step to addressing a problem is to understand it; what is it that causes us to experience these achy, nagging headache symptoms? Headaches can occur when our blood vessels, membranes or nerves are being compressed, irritated or inflamed. Over time this can cause us to experience pain and symptoms which capture our attention. This our body’s alarm system to tell us there is a problem. The spectrum of causes and methods people use to address this problem are diverse and varied. More and more people are choosing natural, drug free approaches such as chiropractic.

We wish we could say that there was a button to push to make the pain stop, unfortunately there isn’t. However regular chiropractic adjustments can decrease the occurrence of subluxations, misalignments of the spine, and relieve the nervous system inflammation and irritation that can be associated with what is creating some headaches. In fact, studies show that headache sufferers under chiropractic care experience a 69% decrease in the number of headache hours per day!

Whether you are suffering with headaches or are looking for a way to stay healthy, chiropractic care is an important part of your wellness. A healthy spine leads to good nerve energy and good nerve energy leads to a healthy body and mind!