This month everyone is focused on one of the most wonderful things in the world- love. Do you know what the most important kind of love is? Love for YOU!

Why not use this month as a celebration of how amazingly awesome you are? Here are a few mantras to keep the self-love flowing. Pick one and repeat it to yourself as much as possible. Write it on your mirror, write it on a piece of paper and tape it on your wall, desk, in your bathroom, speak it or scream it so you can really hear it!

  • ‘I love myself and am worthy of that love.’
  • ‘I choose to focus on the positive.’
  • ‘I am strong, beautiful, and becoming the best version of me.’
  • ‘I trust myself and know I am exactly where I need to be in my life.’
  • ‘I am worthy of happiness and will let that happiness be visible to everyone.’