Can you believe it? It’s back to school time already! Time to get backpacks and lunches packed, drive to soccer practices, and make sure everyone is settled back into their schedules. All of this can be stressful but here’s why we need to hang out to that summer zen.

Stress is incredibly hard on our bodies. When we are stressed our bodies switch into a sympathetic response or what many refer to as “fight or flight” mode. In a sympathetic response, our blood pressure and heart rate increase, our breathing becomes shallower, muscles become tense to get us ready for action and all of our body’s other processes that aren’t immediately needed for escape (i.e. digestion, sleep, relaxation) are shut off. Our body’s response is innate and absolutely brilliant if we are in a life or death situation such as being chased by saber-toothed tiger, fortunately we
don’t live in a world where we are incessantly being chased by predators. Yet many of us get stuck in this “fight of flight” mode which inhibits of our body to sleep restfully, digest properly, or simply to be able to relax.

That’s great to know but you know what would be better to know? How we can get out of fight of flight mode! Many studies have shown that a chiropractic adjustment can bring ease to the nerve system and allow us to move out of a sympathetic state when our life is not threatened. Many patients experience the flush of relaxation and relief after a chiropractic adjustment. During this hectic, but exciting time of year, take moment to get an adjustment and take a deep breath.