Early Morning ‘Me’ Ritual

Our lives are so busy, full, wonderful and stressful. We’re so focused on taking care of our children, parents, clients, or students we frequently forget to take some time for us. It is vital that we carve out some time for ‘me’-time and may we suggest the morning?

Start your day out slowly, don’t just jump out of bed. Lay there, breathe, feel your body even if it’s just for a minute. Then do something just for you! Here are some suggestions.

  • Sit and sip your coffee in peace and quiet.
  • Write in your journal about what you’re grateful for and your goals for the day or week.
  • Go for run or a walk or practice yoga.
  • Take some time to pamper your skin. Mindfully put on some lotion or complete your skin care ritual.

As no two people are the same, no two morning ‘me’ time rituals are the same. Explore, try new things, and see what makes you feel the most empowered, energized, and ready for your day!