The temperature is dropping and we’re all feeling the effects of this chilly, winter air moving in. The days are getting shorter and our body is making some physiological changes to prepare us for winter. Trees prepare for winter by shedding their leaves to conserve water and energy and store nutrients in their roots. Our bodies also prepare for winter by going through a period of shedding and conservation which we usually experience as colds or the flu.

We have been taught that having a runny nose, a cough or an
upset stomach means we are sick. Our bodies are brilliant and are doing this for a reason! The sniffles and cough we are experiencing are our lungs and respiratory system clearing themselves out. The cravings we are having is an instinct to get nutrition we to conserve before winter begins. The most important thing is to allow our body to express these natural transitions and to allow our body to work through them.

To allow these transitions to occur optimally, it is important to have healthy nerve supply to all the organs and tissues of the body. The nerve system controls all function in the body, even the immune system. Regular chiropractic adjustments support healthy nerve supply, interference free communication between the body and the brain and the immune system. If you’re struggling with a cold or seasonal aches and pains remember your body is brilliant and is preparing you for the season ahead!