1) Stress: Though we love the holidays we know that they often incite some stress whether physical, emotional, or mental. When we get stressed our bodies respond by tensing up, causing neck and back pain, and by releasing adrenaline which puts us into fight or flight mode and drains us of energy. Chiropractic care will allow your body to adapt to the stresses of the season optimally.

2) Self Care: During the holiday season we do so much for everyone else and move at a pace that is far too quick. Taking the time to come see your chiropractor doesn’t just give you some “me”-time but allows your body and brain to communicate optimally to re-act to the stressors you encounter and allows you to experience the joy and beauty of the holiday season to the fullest.

3) Good Deals & Good Deeds: As a way of giving back we are offering new patient appointments at a reduced fee. Consider giving the gift of a chiropractic evaluation to family members and friends for $50 instead of the full fee of $225. ALL the proceeds will be donated to the Ignatian Spirituality Project- Boston, a non-profit organization that strives to end homelessness by connecting people to their spirituality. We will also be collecting items to donate to be handed out to the homeless community they serve. More information about ISP and our donation drive is included below.