Break out a journal and your favorite pen, it’s time to get clear!

Start every day by contemplating and focusing your energy on what you want for yourself this year. Visualize it! Write about what achieving these goals would look like and then take it one step further; write about what it would FEEL like. Every morning write a snippet about these goals this will re-focus your energy and keep you moving forward with the intention of your goals.

End every day by reflecting on your day. Make a bulleted list of all the things in your day you were grateful for. When you first start this exercise it may be hard to even think of one or two things but as you practice and shift your attention to gratitude you’ll start being able to write pages! This practice will train you to be focused on the positive and will allow you to slip on those rose-colored glasses and feel true, deep joy and gratitude through out your day.

2018 is for YOU! It’s for you to feel centered, joyful, and grateful.