The flu, colds, stomach bugs, we’ve seen it all this year and yet some people seem to never get sick. How is that possible? What are these people doing and how can we jump on that band wagon? The key to strengthening your immune system and staying healthy is to take the time to take care of you; prioritize your health and happiness. The answer is show yourself a little love. Most of these tips and tricks are ones you’ve heard before but this is a loving reminder to implement them.

Drink More Water: How much water is the right amount of water? Take your weight, divide it by 2, that number in ounces is the amount of what you should be drinking. Get yourself a beautiful bottle, use a crazy straw, whatever you have to do to inspire yourself to continue to drink to flush those toxins out and to supply the cells of your immune system with the oxygen they need to function.

Good Fuel: You are what you eat, don’t forget to eat! Your immune system can’t function optimally if you’re not providing it with the energy it needs to keep going. Make sure you are eating regular meals that include healthy, nutrient-dense, unprocessed, low-sugar sources of carbs, proteins, and fats.

Move It or Lose It: Walk, swim, practice yoga; all of these are amazing options to keep you moving and keep you healthy. Movement is a sign of life! The stretching and contraction of muscle can cause the lymphatic system to drain which allows for the lymph, a liquid rich in immune cells, to course through the body.

Be Well Adjusted: Both inside and out! Take time to do things that make you happy, that will support your overall health and well being. Make time to see your chiropractor and get your spine checked; having a nervous system free of interference can allow your immune system to respond as quickly and optimally as possible to any little invaders.