Stories of Praise

“Finding a practice that takes an active role in one’s health is a rare and extremely valuable thing.”

David A.

“I am standing straighter, feel healthier, sleep better and have less allergic episodes.  I feel physically and emotionally stronger.”

Dawn C.

“It is a piece of heaven on earth; a truly healing, sacred sanctuary.  I felt safe comforting energy the moment I entered the office for the first time.”

Jennifer C.

“No more ear infections! Ever!! And my kids are rarely sick. When they are ill, they heal quickly.”

Andrea F., Andrea F.

“When I did get pregnant, one month after starting with WFC, I continued going on a regular basis and credit them for a great pregnancy and easy delivery.”

Abby S.

“I’m a nurse and would definitely support and encourage my patients to seek chiropractic care.”

Mary L.

“I feel great and am able to do things that men 10 years younger cannot do.”

Bob M.

“Our dog can get up much easier.  She is more playful, and she is back to chasing squirrels again!”

Jesse C.

“The whole team is so kind, caring, compassionate, and committed.  Dr. Peter, Dr. Patti and Dr. Cherie are much more than chiropractors, they are true caregivers and at times even advisors.”

Liz F.

“Getting adjusted relieves my pain, puts a smile on my face, makes my day more enjoyable and with Dr. Peter and Dr. Patti’s sage advice I am forever learning about my body.”

Debbie C.

“Our son Jack was born with no muscles on the right side of his neck. We researched alternative methods to develop muscles and combat “flathead” and viola ~ Westwood Family Chiropractic!  My husband and I decided to join in since we were taking Jack anyway. Jack is 100% better and our family still enjoys our weekly visits to WFC. Dr. Peter and Dr. Patti have created a safe, loving and nurturing practice that is centered around family and wellness.”

Kelly C.

“Thanks to Dr. Peter’s expertise four years ago, my little Maltese, Jason, was saved from a $5000.00 exploratory operation. Three days after an adjustment he was running around on a rear leg that that had previously dangled.  With continued treatment, Jason maintained healthy legs.”

Julie D.

“I have no low back pain, I am feeling more relaxed, better rested, more energy and even taller. The increased energy has motivated me to do more physical activity. If you are looking for expert attention and care with a compassionate touch, Dr. Peter and Dr. Patti’s practice can provide that. Their unique approach and attention to the individual’s needs make this practice very special”

Ann K.

“My youngest had her ears checked in elementary school and was told she had no hearing in her mid-range in one ear.  Her pediatrician agreed and told me there was nothing that could be done. I brought my daughter to WFC weekly and 6 months later brought her back the pediatrician to have her tested.  They were resisting a re-test. Her hearing in that ear was totally normal in all ranges! Chiropractic is a very important part of a person’s wellness regime.  Why not work preventatively?!”

Mary D.

“A back injury had reduced by nightly sleeping total to 1-3 hours. Cortisone shots lasted only days and surgery looked necessary. I am now able to get around 5 hours of sleep each night. What a difference this has made! The doctors’ skill and knowledge based upon continued progress reports has allowed me to continue a lifestyle that I had seen being diminished. This is one of the nicest stops I make each week. Who would imagine that I and many others actually look forward to our appointments here? What a place it is!

Bob G.

“I was looking for an all-natural doctor for my then 4-year old who was constantly having ear infections. While an ENT was trying to schedule surgery I was frantically looking for an alternative. Enter chiropractic! For my kids ear infections are a thing of the past. For my dog, there are no signs of hip problems, she always used to walk with a limp. My pregnancy aches and pains are alleviated. I sleep better. I’m more pleasant. I’m well adjusted.”

Christianne H.

“I have no pain. I no longer am consumed with making choices around my back pain. I am back to doing most activities, although I’ll never vacuum again (darn)! I look forward to travel plans and no longer feel that dread or concern. I finally understand what’s going on and get how Dr. Peter and Dr. Patti help my body heal itself. Knowledge is empowering. My body feels healthy! You shouldn’t accept pain or settle for a limited lifestyle.  Allow the doctors to help your body heal itself. Keep in mind chiropractic care is not only about back issues. I have heard so many success stories with pregnancy, delivery, babies, earaches, ADD and animals – the list is endless!”

Cheryl S.

“Immediately after getting up from the [adjusting] table, I felt 20 pounds lighter. I feel great and am able to do things that men 10 years younger can not do. I’m very grateful to the doctors for helping a guy who felt old for his age and making him feel young again. Until I got hurt I didn’t believe in chiropractic care but I’m constantly telling friends about Westwood Family Chiropractic. The care we receive is outstanding. I also love the positive atmosphere which is full of special people. Thanks so much!”

Bob M.

“I have noticed so many changes, more than physically I will say spiritually. That is the reason I Have no desire to look elsewhere even though sometimes the 40 minute drive can be a real drag. Visit Dr. Peter and Dr. Patti and you will do yourself a big favor! Yes,  that’s all I would say, I think that says it all!”

Bina V